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Hello!  Welcome to Find Your Lula.  My name is Amanda and only a short while ago I was on the outside of the creative industry looking in, wondering what it would take to make a name for myself and turn my talent into more than a hobby. I had so much creative potential ready to burst out of me and I just wanted to show the world the art I could create.

I had a lot of desire but didn't know where to start or who to talk to and to be honest with you, I was a little unsure if I had the skills and talent that it took to really "make it". I feared failure, and the risk of putting myself out there.
Then a while back I discovered a source for my creativity that has changed my life and allowed me to follow my passion & create my dream in the creative industry. Everything changed when I met Lula.

It's very important to me to help inspire and motivate others in their creative journey. So I took all the lessons, contacts, knowledge and mistakes I had painstakingly gained during my journey, and put them into an intimate, safe & loving, exclusive retreat with a very small group where you get personal attention and specific mentoring to help you take your talents and use them to create your own big break.

I call this retreat Find Your Lula, because the entire experience is a hands on, and personal guide to helping you find your source for the same inspiration & creativity. If you'd like to finally meet the right people and gain the skills to help get you to the next level click on the "About Us" tab to find out more about beginning your journey! We can't wait for you to join us.