Heather Carson, Find Your Lula Aromatherapy Instructor

About Heather:
Heather is self described as a lightly crunchy art girl on a journey to become naturally fit and healthy. Heather teaches Zumba classes, essential oil classes, and she creates art and design for home and business.  She is a DIY'er with a love of thrift stores, vintage finds, making messes, going to yoga class, devouring good books, and hiking in the desert.  Heather is a wife to a great husband and a mom to six fun kids - triplet girls and 3 boys. It's a crazy fun ride!

About Heather's Aromatherapy classes:

Creativity & Wellness: making a mind, body connection  Discover tips and tricks to boost your creativity naturally with essential oils, nutrition, meditation, and holistic living. 
Makers Emergency Kit: your go-to resource to get your creativity back on track  Learn the basics of essential oil blending and create a custom blend that supports your unique creative type. In addition to the blend, you'll add in other fun tools for those times you need a little boost.