Mary Miller,  Lula Food Philosopher and Head Chef

Mary's philosophy on food:
The first thing I do as I start to plan menus for the retreat is to make sure the food served is in alignment with all the things you are exposed to while there. Among many other things, you are shown how to identify your core values so you can better keep your creative lives aligned with the world outside your creative realm. You are also taught how to keepyour bodies in proper alignment so they can work better and more efficiently. Lula is all about alignment and I feel strongly that the food we serve there needs to be the fuel that helps maintain alignment and boost creativity. I knew instinctively, and from practice and a fair amount of study, that there is a direct link to creativity and the food we eat. I think of this link as, “feeding the genius.”

I am sometimes asked what diet I follow. It is a question that makes me cringe, because I don’t follow any diet. I don’t juice, I don’t cleanse (I do, however, bathe), and I don’t ever let myself get hungry. I suppose if I had to give it a name, I would call my diet Paleoatkinsish. My daily food intake consists of a high concentration of animal protein (lots of fish and chicken, less red meat), vegetables (especially cruciferous vegetables), and fruit mostly in the form of berries. I steer
away from carbohydrates, especially those derived from grain, legumes, starchy vegetables, and high-sugar fruits. I am ever so grateful to be highly lactose tolerant as I’m not sure I’d want to live in a world without cheese or butter. I know there are many who would sniff at my love for dairy and remind me that humans are the only animals that use another animal’s milk for food. I mean, they say it like it is a bad thing!

The reason why I share about my not-so-diet diet is because I realized after I got processed foods and most carbohydrates out of my life, I had more energy and focus. My body no longer demanded that I nap every afternoon. My sleep at night was better and I absolutely was
more creative. I knew that Find Your Lula was the perfect place to showcase this un-diet, and to show people that good, healthy food can be luscious, highly satisfying, and creativity boosting. I was thrilled that Amanda had the confidence to give me free reign over menu planning, but my greatest satisfaction came during the event when people said things like, “I can eat bacon?!” or, “I never knew I liked beets!” After the event I started getting Facebook messages from participants telling me how good they felt and (double bonus) that they had actually lost a few pounds at the retreat.

About food at Lula:

We will serve you lunch, dinner and a snack all in harmony with our Lula food philosophy.  We hope that, by eating and enjoying meals prepared for you in the Lula way, that you will see what a big difference it can make in your ability to be creative.  Don't worry, we won't feed you rabbit food!  We will have delicious meals made with the best possible ingredients and lots of love.  You will feel nourished, happy and creative!!