Susan McLaughlin, Physical Therapist

About Susan:
Susan has been practicing physical therapy since 2001. She has a strong background in orthopedics and spine. While working for Intermountain Healthcare, Susan developed the pelvic health physical therapy program and supported patients for 4 years in that role. In her search for ongoing pelvic health education, Susan found Restorative Exercise™. Not only did she get information to educate her clients with pelvic floor disorders, she began to practice the whole body exercises herself. Susan was hooked. She enrolled in the Whole Body Alignment Program and now she is a Certified Restorative Exercise™ Specialist.

Through the Whole Body Alignment Program Susan took a stand for her health. Literally, she learned how to stand and it decreased her 10+ year history of chronic back pain. Susan has become an advocate for self care, pain management and movement. Living pain free is possible!
In 2012 Susan left Intermountain to start her own private practice, ALIGN integration and movement, LLC. She specializes in chronic pain, pelvic health and Restorative Exercise™. She offers individual treatment sessions and Restorative Exercise™ classes during the week. 

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About Susan's Classes:
Modern day life puts an exquisite toll on our alignment. Sitting, driving, computing and texting locks our bodies into unfavorable positions, limiting proper movement and circulation. As result, our tissues become tight, joints can become stiff, nerves and blood vessels get impaired, and our bodies can become vulnerable to injury.

In this unique workshop, learn easy, yet effective self-care strategies that will help you counteract the effects of gravity, re-align your body from inside-out and restore your tissues with therapeutic movement.You will dive into understanding the optimal alignment position when sitting, standing and restore your posture with breathing, self-massage strategies and variety of corrective exercises.
Say goodbye to daily aches & pains, and hello to healthy alignment!