Find Your Lula is filled to the brim with wonderful things. From the moment you arrive you will be swept away in creative wonder.  Every moment will fill your creative well, help you to discover your creative genius and set you on a new and promising creative path. Sound amazing?  Well, it is!

We have a personal chef, a physical therapist, an aromatherapy expert, a world renowned life and business coach and much more, all of which will show you how to take your entire life to new creative heights.  Find Your Lula is a feast for your soul, your heart and your stomach.  You will be amazed at all of the new and simple ways to be a more creative person.  On top of that, we will teach you valuable Adobe Illustrator skills, photography skills, business and life skills.  You will be amazed at all that you will learn in four short days.

Why is it called Find Your Lula? Lula is my muse. I am passionate about helping you to find YOUR muse.   I believe we are all deeply creative.  Find Your Lula is about tuning in to your muse and creating a powerful creative force in you.

We hope you join us for the next Find Your Lula event!

Hugs and fishes,

Amanda Herring
Founder of Find Your Lula