Kristen Pack, Find Your Lula Photography teacher

About Kristen:

Kristen stepped into photography after seven years of teaching elementary school and has never looked back.  Over the past 10 years she has grown her business to include a broad range of clients and experiences and has shot some of the most outrageous weddings in the country.  Her belief is if her clients enjoy themselves while they are having their pictures taken, they will love their pictures. This belief has proven itself true many times.  She specializes in lifestyle portraiture which means she focuses on capturing personality just as much as she focuses on capturing smiles. She enjoys teaching photography just about as much as she loves taking pictures and uses her skills and experience from the classroom to teach in fun and effective way.  

About Kristen's classes:
Kristen takes a very hands on approach to teaching.  Before she plans her classes, she takes the time to find out what the groups specific needs are.  She covers everything from iPhone photography to shooting in manual with your DSLR.  You will learn about lighting, posing, focusing, exposure and more.  Since you will be a part of such a small group, you will be able to get the answers you need to help you be a better photographer.  

Here are some pictures from one of the 2014 photo outings:

Photo credit: Last two pictures by Jessica Draper, 2014 Lula alumni